Here's what some of our satisfied customers had to tell us. . .

"The Williamson Turn Stand has made it so that one person can care for him (our father). What a blessing this piece of equipment has been to our family."
Ruth Ann W.

"My kids are working and can't be here 24-hours-a-day. The Williamson Turn Stand is our salvation. If I wouldn't have bought it, he would have stayed in a nursing home. It's the key thing to keeping him at home."
Mary and William L.

"Patients feel more of a sense of control rather than being physically moved, pushed and shoved. Dignity and control issues are so big with using the Williamson Turn Stand."
Janet B., medical care center manager for a 310-bed urban east coast hospital
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"The Williamson Turn Stand reduces the risk of falling -- not just pivoting, but all of mobility including those who have difficulty walking or turning."
Karen G., RN, ONC, unit manager

"The device really does work quite well. It's a tremendous help allowing the patient to be transferred more safely."
Dr. John M., orthopedic surgeon

"The Williamson Turn Stand works great for me. It fills a big gap in the day and helps me move my father more safely, quickly and makes his quality of life much better."
Chuck B.

"The Williamson Turn Stand really replaces a person. It's cost effective and acts as a low-cost staff person that requires no benefits, sick days or salary yet it is dependable and virtually maintenance free."
Susan A., healthcare consultant

"If it wasn't for the Williamson Turn Stand we would be at a loss to do the things we need to do for him. The Williamson Turn Stand is worth its weight in gold to use, we couldn't do without it."
Ruby W.

"It's like having another person here to help me. I use it all day, every day."
Jim T.