The Williamson Turn Stand has been proven as an effective device for transferring patients in two independent studies. . .

Research conducted by the Center for Cumulative Trauma Disorders at Penn State University showed that the Williamson Turn Stand can decrease twisting and rotation by 86% that could be dangerous or cause injury.

When compared to patient lifts and the hug method, the Williamson Turn Stand was shown to be significantly more efficient in transferring patients.

A second study conducted by Beth Allyn Bowser, Biologist and Medical Technologist, looked at 10 patient cases where the Williamson Turn Stand replaced other transferring methods like the hug method and patient lift. In 50% of the cases, the Williamson Turn Stand was used as a long-term solution for transferring bed-confined patients in a nursing, continuing care facility or at home.

In some cases, the Williamson Turn Stand was the deciding factor in allowing the patient to return to home and avoid costly admission into extended care facilities.

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