Now! A better way to move a loved one or patient.

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The Williamson Turn Stand is incredibly quick and easy to use.

1. Tilt the Williamson Turn Stand back onto it's two sturdy wheels and push the empty stand into position as close to the bed or wheelchair as you need. Then rest the device on the floor.

2. Assist the person to a standing position on the Williamson Turn Stand's skid-resistant platform (person needs to be at least 50% erect). Have the person hold on to the handle bar to help maintain balance.

3. To the person assisting, release the brake handle and slowly and smoothly rotate the person to the desired location (anywhere within 360 degrees) and lock the Williamson Turn Stand platform by releasing the brake handle.

4. Assist the person to the desired position -- chair, bed, wheelchair or toilet.

Made from alluminum, the Williamson Turn Stand is virtually maintenance free, easy to move and provides features that make transferring someone safer and easier than doing it physically yourself.


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