If you're providing healthcare services to patients then four issues are critical to you:

  • How to best utilize a decreasing staff base
  • How to cut costs associated with staff and patient injuries
  • How to increase the quality of patient care
  • How to retain good staff

The Williamson Turn Stand, a transfer aid, has been addressing these issues for hospital staff, administration and patients for over three years.

The Williamson Turn Stand works by way of a rotating platform that you can use to assist the patient in transferring from one sitting position to another. Holding on to the handlebars for balance, the patient is helped to stand up, then the platform is turned to the desired position and the patient is relocated safely and comfortably. The device is made of aluminum, is durable as well as light and easy to move.

Learn more about how the Williamson Turn Stand works and see an online demonstration
OR read what medical professionals say about how the Williamson Turn Stand address those four critical issues.

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