"I know from watching my husband's petite mother move her husband, who suffered with Parkinson's, that moving a person from one point to another can be an exhausting and traumatic event that occurs countless times each day. Most times, people are moved by a caregiver 'hugging' them and using their own body weight to forcibly twist, push and pull. It's dangerous for both and raises quality-of-life issues and lessens the persons dignity.

That's why we invented The Williamson Turn Stand." Marsha Williamson, Wife of inventor.

Does this sound like your situation at home?

Your spouse, parent or loved one. . .

  • Has a medical or physical condition that doesn't allow them to turn or pivot on their own.
  • Will have to go into a nursing home if you can't find a way to move him or her at home by yourself.
  • Uses a wheelchair around the house.
  • Is too tall, large or heavy for you to move by yourself.
  • Doesn't have more than one person to help move them at home.
  • Is at risk of injury or worsening their condition every time you have to move them physically.

Mobility and transfer can be hindered by the following conditions. The Williamson Turn Stand has helped patients with these conditions, decreasing risk during transfer and increase quality of life.

  • Hip or knee replacement(s)
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Advanced Diabetes
  • Partial Amputation
  • Stroke
  • Advanced Arthritis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Obesity
  • General weakness

Now, see how the Williamson Turn Stand Works